Watch ROADBOOK: The Journey Forwards

Last updated: August 9, 2022

ROADBOOK marks its launch with The Journey Forwards, a short film asking a global community of creatives what travel means to them

To celebrate its launch, ROADBOOK  has created a short film, The Journey Forwards, asking a small community of global creatives about the future of travel. Their responses – ranging from pithy to poetic, entertaining to emotional – have been curated to demonstrate how different our personal journeys are.

The answers are set to footage from a pool of directors and videographers around the world, taking you from New York to Shanghai, by way of London, Los Angeles and Brazil. Each moment has its own story, with its own sense of movement and place.

The Journey Forwards shares people’s memories of travel while hearing them voice thoughts and feelings about the future. It’s a contrast between what was and what will be, which sums up the essence of going on a journey,” says ROADBOOK creative director Matthew Johnston.

As a brand, ROADBOOK aims to lead a discussion on the future of travel in a meaningful, personal way that people will connect with. It’s about the story rather than the destination; about making our experiences more meaningful and less transactional.

“Whether it’s our city guides, our long reads or even a film like this, ROADBOOK is designed to get people to think about different ways of exploring the world around us,” says digital editor Lydia Winter. “We want to put the difficult questions on the table, even when we don’t know what the right answer is.”

The Journey Forwards credits
Directed by Matthew Johnston
Produced by Faded Neon Films
Editor – Toby Heard
Composer – Catherine Whatley
Sound Design – Christodoulos Procopiou


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