Shadows of people seen crossing the Sibuya Crossing


Plan your trip to Tokyo with our insider guide, from design-centric hotels and enthralling art to intimate izakaya restaurants and centuries-old tea houses

The world’s most populous metropolis moves to a tempo that is entirely its own. Ancient traditions collide with modern innovation, Shinto shrines crouch beneath towering skyscrapers, and tiny listening bars, yakitori joints and Michelin-starred restaurants jostle for position along narrow alleyways and thronging streets.


From pocket-sized, perfectly formed crash pads to ryokan-style offerings with onsen baths, discover where to bed down in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the safest and most dynamically creative urban centres on the planet

A local writer pens an ode to Tokyo


Tokyo’s dining scene is eclectic and expansive, from tiny standing-only izakaya to more Michelin-starred establishments than any other city in the world. Slurp on bowls of ramen, graze on sizzling yakitori skewers and sample hand-rolled sushi, served with sake and natural wine.

Bars & nightlife

From master mixology to listening bars; clubs in gleaming skyscrapers to J-hip-hop and booming basement DJs – Tokyo has a nightlife like no other

Museums & galleries

Japan’s capital is home to fascinating museums, galleries, and art foundations, many of which are a feat of architecture in themselves.

Remote working

From the erudite charm of a local bookshop to dedicated workspaces, Tokyo’s co-working offerings reflect the city’s samurai work ethic.


When to visit


Getting to Tokyo


Getting around


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