Bangkok's dazzling skyline pictured against a blood-orange sunset

Bangkok City Guide

Plan your next trip to Bangkok with our insider guide to the best hotels, restaurants, street food and night markets in the energetic Thai capital

Monolithic mega malls; glittering high rises; golden shrines festooned in flowers; ornate wooden buildings sitting pretty in verdant tropical gardens: Bangkok is a city where tradition and tech are in continuous stand off, and the atmosphere is all the more electric for it.



Bangkok has no shortage of places to stay, from design-led boutique hotels to charming and affordable guesthouses.

Food & drink

From street food stalls slinging phat thai to night markets and Michelin-starred institutions, be seduced by Bangkok’s flavour and spice.

Bars & nightlife

No visit to Bangkok is complete without a trip to one of the city’s many rooftop bars, served with an eyeful of the rapidly changing skyline.

"Beautiful wooden architecture brushes elbows with gawk-worthy megaprojects, creating a rapidly changing landscape that can leave even locals like me baffled"

A personal ode to the beauty of BKK

Museums & galleries

Bangkok is one of South East Asia’s capitals for art, which you’ll find reflected in its mix of galleries and museums.

Coffee & co-working

Explore coffee shops, cafes and top-notch co-working spaces in Bangkok.


Interviews with designers, artists, chefs and more, fuelling the city’s palpable creative energy.

Stories of the diaspora

Bangkok’s Thai-Indian community is distinct, characterful and deeply rooted in the city.


When to visit


Getting there


Getting around


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