Pin-striped parasols framed by potted plants and an orange tiled wall at Silver Lake Pool & Inn

Los Angeles City Guide

How to live it up in Los Angeles with our insider guide to the best hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars and cultural destinations in the Californian city

Los Angeles is a city that works like no other. This conglomerate of distinct neighbourhoods is bewildering at first, but cast your net narrow and tackle one area at a time. The biggest city on the palm-fringed west coast of the US is drenched in honeyed light, powered by a juggernaut of an entertainment industry, and crammed with expressways.


Mid-century motels, modern skyscrapers topped by rooftop pools in DTLA, and tiny boutiques hidden in obscure neighbourhoods: LA has a place to stay to suit every traveller.

"LA is 20 cities wearing a trench coat, masquerading as one to get by"

An ode to the City of Angels

Restaurants & bars

From unbeatable taco trucks to world-renowned fine dining, LA offers eating with serious depth, alongside rooftop drinks, downtown saloons and slick cocktail bars.

Museums & galleries

LA’s cultural institutions all house fantastic collections, housed in equally inspiring buildings, alongside street art and galleries along the Santa Fe Strip.


Venture to vintage shops, live music venues or perch up at one of the city’s recommended coffee shops or co-working spaces.

Coffee and co-working

Check out freelancer-friendly cafes, workspaces and community-driven coffee shops


Interviews with designers, artists, chefs and more, fuelling the city’s palpable creative energy.

Focal Point

Narrative photography that captures LA’s candid, carefree spirit.


Creative neighbourhoods


When to visit


Getting there


Getting around


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