A cobblestone street lined with lamp posts and greenery in London

London City Guide

Plan your next trip to London with our insider guide, detailing the best boutique hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and cultural institutions in the multicultural capital

London: a hulking, ancient metropolis full of culture, cafes, galleries and pubs. It’s one of the most visited cities in the world, the red buses and glittering lights of Piccadilly Circus romanticised in social media feeds. But this is just the beginning.


From artsy crashpads to design-led boltholes; leading wellbeing credentials to great-value rooms with lively social spaces, discover where to stay in London.

"It's a massive city with the warmth of a small town, with neighbourhoods that feel like the villages they used to be before the gaping maw of the city enveloped them"

Writer David Paw on London


London’s dizzyingly diverse food scene is fizzing with grassroots talent, alongside revered culinary institutions. From fine dining to casual neighbourhood cooking, explore the best restaurants in the city, one neighbourhood at a time.

Museums & galleries

Assyrian sculptures, Egyptian jewels, contemporary art  — London is a city crammed with culture, from magnificent museums to from cutting-edge galleries.

Bars & nightlife

From low-lit basements serving superlative cocktails to rooftop drinks, next-gen jazz and all-night techno, London is a city that comes alive after dark.

Coffee & co-working

From community-led coffee shops and artisan roasters to multifaceted remote working hubs, there is no shortage of places to park your laptop in London, or find a stellar brew.


Interviews with designers, artists, chefs and more, fuelling the city’s palpable creative energy.

Weekends away

Rural and seaside trips within easy reach of London.


Creative neighbourhoods


When to visit


Getting to London


Getting around


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