Talia Avakian is a travel reporter with years of experience writing for a range of publications. Her work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, Insider, BBC Travel, Departures, Food & Wine, TIME, Fortune, Southern Living, The Independent, and others. She covers transportation, hotels, outdoor adventures, and food and drink offerings in locations across the globe. Based in and from Los Angeles, she enjoys discovering the best in outdoor excursions there and the best food stops in town. 

What does a journey mean to you?
A journey is an opportunity to be in the moment, taking in a new part of the world you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to see. It’s one of the few times in life I find myself able to slow down and to take in the gift of being reminded of how vast the world around me really is. 

Which country or location most inspires you?
Greece is made up of so many different locations, each with such distinct character and scenery to offer. After visiting Crete last year, where on the island alone there was everything from historic seaside towns and pink-sand beaches to vineyards, I found myself wanting to book the next few upcoming trips back to Greece to discover its many other stops.   

Where would you go back to and why?
I had the chance to visit two of islands in the Azores in 2019 and fell in love with both. Even though tourists knew of the destinations, the destinations felt untouched and offered hiking views unlike anywhere I had seen. The natural scenery was incredible, from swimming holes made of volcanic rock to natural geothermal pools.

Top insider tip for LA?
Hikes in Los Angeles can give you unbeatable mountain scenery. Take the opportunity to go on a hiking trail to overlook the city with soaring mountains dotted with the skyline. Mornings make for a relaxing walk without too much heat, but the pink-hued sunsets you get later in the day are the true showstoppers. 

What journey would you most like to go on?
As a water lover, I’m always drawn to destinations that have incredible natural swimming locations carved out by nature, and the coastal towns and islands of Italy would be the perfect place to explore them alongside historic structures and great food at every turn. 

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