Millie Milliken has been writing about food and drink in the UK – and beyond – for ten years. After a brief stint at The Good Food Guide, she spent seven years at SquareMeal before moving to Imbibe UK as deputy editor. Now she freelances for multiple trade and consumer publications and also works with The Drinks Trust charity and the People’s Choice Drinks Awards. She was recently named the 2022 IWSC Spirits Communicator of the Year. When she isn’t writing about drinks you’ll find her in the Cotswolds, probably in an antique shop or down the local village pub.

What does a journey mean to you?
Remembering that there is more to life than the every day and discovering new ways of living. It doesn’t matter how far I go – wherever I end up I get a glimpse into how other people live their lives and it helps me to reflect on how I live mine.

Which country or location most inspires you?
New York City – it’s always been the place I think of when I want to go somewhere to feel inspired. It feels close enough to home to feel familiar while also offering another perspective to big-city living.

Where would you go back to and why?
Vietnam – partly because my brother lives there but also because I fell in love with it when I visited a few years ago. A mixture of the way of life, the people, and of course the food means it’s been on my list to revisit ever since I got home.

Top insider tip for London?
If you can, take the bus rather than the tube. You’ll get more of an idea of how the city is laid out and it is excellent for people watching.

What journey would you most like to go on?
I’d like to travel around Borneo. I lived there for some time as a child and I haven’t been back since we left. I’d love to go back to see where I grew up and see how it has changed in the 20 or so years since.

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