Josh Barrie is a food, drink and travel writer. He lives in London.

What does a journey mean to you?

I like journeys – big ones, at least – because they grant us the licence to step away from the dull trappings of everyday life. Memories are made.

Which country or location most inspires you?

Difficult to answer. I’ll say Bangkok for now because it’s such a good time.

Where would you go back to and why?

Money no object? Courchevel. Skiing and champagne. Sorry, but I love being up mountains, sliding about the place, and exercising all day before having lots to eat and drink.

Which London restaurants do you most recommend?

This changes all the time. I’ll do five, expansively: The Devonshire, Mambow, Fish Wings & Tings, Bocca di Lupo, Dim Sum and Duck.

A London hidden gem?

Not a hidden gem to all, of course, but if you’ve not been to Taste of Pakistan in Hounslow, do. Before a flight out of Heathrow ideally.

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