Currently living in Bangkok but writing about the world, Soniya is a Thai-Indian wordsmith. She works to craft attention-worthy ideas via anecdotes, existential questions, ground-breaking solutions and profound strategies across speeches, journals, brochures, flyers and many other forms of media.

What does journey mean to you? 
Whether it’s strolling through museums, spending afternoons at the beach, people-watching at trendy cafes, exploring nature at quiet hikes or tasting local flavours, travel unlocks parts of us, fostering the journey that matters most – the one within. The world is truly an oyster; pearls of wisdom accessible to minds open enough to receive it. Every experience leads to a discovery of personal lessons, if only we reflect. 

Which country or location most inspires you?
Far from home, I find inspiration strikes best in Queenstown, New Zealand. No experience beats the hike up to Jack’s point to soak up the sunset and watch the way the evening light plays on the Remarkable mountains. Nature can put on quite a show!

Where would you go back to and why?
My family and I have celebrated the new year in New Zealand for the past five years (not counting Covid years) and it’s become a family tradition to be in the first country that welcomes in the incoming year.

What’s your top insider tip for Bangkok? 
When it comes to exploring the big Mango (an affectionate local name for BKK), ditch the car. Hop on a motorcycle taxi and have the locals zip you through narrow alleys. If you’re feeling peckish, ask them to take you to their favourite noodle spot for a hearty bowl that won’t hurt your wallet.

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