What does a journey mean to you?
Travel is so often defined by the destination, but I think it’s the process that makes a journey – flight delays and train traumas included. It’s the discovery of new tastes and learning the local lingo, soaking up a space and disconnecting from everything that came before or that waits for you when you get back home.

Which country or location most inspires you?
I’m obviously biased having been born and raised there, but to me Mexico remains the most diverse and magical place. As a family we used to take long road trips, and I remember watching the landscape change around me, from modern metropolis to barren desert, deep jungle, pristine beaches, and towering mountain ranges in the span of a day, and that’s just the geography. I’ve never been back home and not been surprised or delighted by a new discovery. Last time I was at home, my mum and I spent the day visiting the Matrix-like Biblioteca Vasconcelos.

Where would you go back to, and why?
I was fortunate enough to spend ten days in Tokyo in 2019 and haven’t shut up about it since. I dream of going back, exploring beyond Tokyo and eating my way through the rest of the island.

Top insider tip for London?
It’s really simple: walk. Even when it feels like it will be an absolute hike, I guarantee there is no better way of discovering and truly getting to know the sprawling capital. (And the best tacos in town are at Borough Market’s Padre.)

What journey would you most like to go on?
I don’t know where to yet, but it will be a long, winding road trip.

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