Marjorie Hache is a Franco-Scottish broadcast journalist based in Paris. She grew up between the two countries, and after studying in Glasgow, she worked as a current affairs journalist for Radio France Internationale, France Ô, France Info, CBC and BBC 5 Live whilst DJing on the side. She currently works for French radio RTL2 where she hosts Pop Rock Station Monday-Thursday 10pm-Midnight. She’s a music and culture journalist for France 24 and presents the Arts24 Music show on the anglophone channel where interviewees range from famous opera conductors to emerging pop stars. She produces and presents various podcasts in both languages, including the French Open’s “The Roland Garros Podcast” or “Ici c’est Brooklyn !”.

What does a journey mean to you?
Something new, fresh and exciting and being on the go.

Which country or location most inspires you?
So many, I feel that most countries I travel to influence me one way or another. I take away ideas for food, music and art not to mention memories. The Hebrides (Western Isles of Scotland) have an important role in my life. I spend time in the family cottage on a little island there, grounding or re-rooting myself surrounded by gorgeous skies and a landscape of hills and tidal beaches.

Where would you go back to and why?
I would love to go back to Japan. I spent a month there nearly 15 years ago and it was magical and a huge culture shock. I also recently traveled to New Orleans but three days and one night did not feel like enough to take in the incredible cultural melting pot there. So much music to check out. I also would go back in a heartbeat to Oaxaca and Sicily. Gorgeous architecture, colours and delicious food.

Top insider tip for Paris?
I would say go with the flow of who you meet on a night out. I live close to La Villette and I’m delighted by all the nearby concert venues and club nights taking place there. I have had some really good nights dancing at La Gare Des Petites Mines and Le Rex.

What journey would you most like to go on? There are so many. I just did a music tour in the United States (Nashville, Memphis, the Mississippi) and would love to do Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis. Vietnam and Korea or even closer locations like Tunisia, Algeria or Denmark are also on my bucket list, along with Naples.

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