Demi Phillips is a Lagos-based writer, creative, and aspiring photojournalist. A degree in International Relations means he’s got the skills to make it as a politics writer, but he’d rather write about music, lifestyle, Black excellence, and anime. 

When he’s not at brunch, he’s gearing up to attend one of Lagos’ many underground raves and parties, and while he’s eating his way across the city, he’s setting his sights on re-discovering Europe soon.

What does a journey mean to you?

Lots and lots of planning, and then eventually giving in to the wind.

Which country or location most inspires you?

Lisbon. Everything about Lisbon is calling out my name. From its rich history, to the arts, culture, people, and wine, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Where would you go back to, and why?

Paris! There’s nowhere else to feel more expensive than you actually are. 

Top insider tip for Lagos?

Much of what you’ve read online is a lie (except on ROADBOOK). Oh, and bring your dancing shoes.

What journey would you most like to go on?

Eating my way through Western Europe.

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