Daniel Clemens is a New York-based writer and ROADBOOK contributor.

What does a journey mean to you?
Returning to where I left from, with a new perspective gleaned from an experience of being away.

Where would you like to go back to and why?
Paris; after studying French in high school, I jumped at the opportunity to visit during a study abroad trip while in college. On my first night there, I injured my foot and was relegated to sipping espressos at cafés, over-caffeinated and underwhelmed.

What journey would you most like to go on?
I’d love to take my parents, who rarely travel abroad, to their parents’ hometowns in Italy and Poland.

Top insider tip for visiting New York?
Avoid Times Square, and take the subway! And if you’re not here for long, abide by one rule: waiting in lines will not be worth it.

Favourite hangout in New York?
Any arthouse movie theater. Namely: Metrograph, Film Forum, Lincoln Center, and The Roxy.

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